2013 In 2013

August 4th 2014 – EDIT: I didn’t do it. But left this page here anyway!

In Which I Set A PROPER Challenge

Between December 2012 and January 2013 I will have done three major things in my life:

  1. Buying a house.
  2. Getting Married.
  3. Surviving the Mayans.

Exciting I know! Mayans!

I’m sure you’ll agree, these are all big big things to be happening in my life. The biggest thing that happened lately is that I bought an out of date magazine so you’ll understand that the word ‘big’ was used twice in a row for a reason. That brings me to 2013, and wanting to set myself a challenge.

I like a challenge. Who doesn’t? Anneka made a career out of them and never saw her breakdown so they must be OK. (Probably kept it for when the cameras were off. Maybe cried into a bag of popcorn. I don’t know, neither do you. Have ‘I’m a Celeb’ got her number?)

Anyway, a bit ago my Sports Tracker app reached 100 miles. (I only started running in June 2012 and could run 0.2 miles NON STOP!) “Wouldn’t it be great,” said the voice in my head, “To do 1’000 miles in a year!” “Yes!” Said my mouth (making a customer at work look at me funny) “Yes it would!”

Then the voice in my head said “Wouldn’t it be better, if you did 2013 miles in 2013!” (Sometimes the voice in my head is a bit of a knob.)

“No!” I said. “That’s too much!”

“2013km in 2013 then!” Said the voice.

“Yes!” Said I!

“Just make it miles!”


“Tell everyone! Then you can’t back out! And do it for charity so you go from ‘mentallist’ to ‘eccentric’!” So I did. And I can’t. And I am.

For you maths geeks, it works out roughly 5.5 miles each and every day for a year, about 40 miles a week. What fun…

The Plan

To run/bike/swim a total of at least 2013 miles in 2013 and raise at least £2013 for charity. The charity I’ve chosen is One In A Million: ‘One in a Million is a Bradford-based charity that helps children & young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing education through sports, the arts and enterprise.’

I’ll be doing a proper race at least once a month of at least 10k and a couple of 1/2 Marathons thrown in for good measure. If anyone else wants to join in, I’ll set up a page to keep track of everyones amount raised and distances covered. My race schedule is here

Wish me luck!

92 thoughts on “2013 In 2013

  1. A little late to this party, but I enjoy this post a great amount!! I’m thinking of running just 2000 miles to raise money for safe water. (2000 kids die a day from unsafe water and preventable diseases) and it’s great to see someone else running for a good cause! or who ran for a good cause since it’s 2014 now….

  2. That is an awesome goal. Are you on pace right now to reach your goal?

  3. I think this is an AMAZING GOAL! Thank you for sharing it! I just started reading your blog (you follow mine, thank you!) and you have made me laugh out loud multiple times! My kids keep looking at me like I’m crazy! Can’t wait to hear about how you do. 40 miles a week is LOTS! You will loose the weight for your marathon in no time!

  4. This is so awesome! I hope you blow this challenge out of the water!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog post Wrexham – did you do Anglesey today….was fantastic!
    Great challenge you are doing – go for it!

  6. That’s awesome. And here I am excited about walking 3 km haha. Have fun and all the best in your challenge

  7. Waw, great plan! Good luck!

  8. This is such a great Idea! Love it! Looking forward to read you, and read how it goes, etc. So so good. I have such a smile on my face after reading that, so great. Thank you!! And good luck :)

  9. Best of Luck! I hope you kick ass at this!

  10. I do wish you luck…looking forward to reading about your running adventures!

  11. 2013 miles sounds daunting at first, but if you commit, that’s just five miles a day. How’s it going two months in?

  12. LUCK! Thanks for the math too… 2013 miles = 5.5 miles per day. That sounds achievable but… if one misses a day or 2 or 3…. there’s the challenge. And I thought my goal of 10 k on July 1st was going to be tough!

  13. What you are doing is great! I really look forward to following your progress. Last year I ran a 50 miler and raised over $6,000 for a non-profit called CASA. I think you can easily raise $20,130 in 2013 with all the followers you have. I hope you do it.
    I’m in the process of launching a company that helps non-profits hold running events to raise money and awareness so I totally understand your desire to give back through running. Best of luck!!!

  14. Like the wind buddy! I’ve done one halfathon in my life, and that was plenty for me! Keep up he good work and keep us posted!

  15. I was so happy doing the Ironman, 140.6 miles in a row, but this is crazy, what a great idea!!! just like I say: “swim, bike, run, eat, sleep, … repeat!” keep hemingwayrunning !!

  16. Great to see another blogger raising funds for arts. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  18. feel guilty now…during janathon was thinking of 2013 kms ( bit soft down here in the colonies) and still thinking for it….
    think i will need to do it!! you have persuaded(twist, twist the arm)
    so as i detest swimming, i think it will be run/run and mainly run…. ok, run/ a bit of biking and a bit of rowing….
    will use my janathon tally to get going…..

  19. Brilliant challenge and blog, I will follow with interest and when my bank account has finally recovered from Christmas, I shall sponsor you too!
    Good luck :)

  20. Wow! Great challenge. Good luck. I’m following your adventures now and wish you well. I might be inspired and aim for 2014 in 2014 once the London Marathon is out of the way again this year……

  21. Brilliant goal – highly impressed! Looking forward to your progress reports :)

  22. This sounds like an exciting challenge. I’m not fit enough yet to run that far, but I can go for biking 2013 km in a year for sure.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog, RHR. I love new visitors! :)

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  24. This made me smile so big, and i’m a little jealous!! It’s only the third week of the year — I think I may copy you! the 2013 miles –> 2013 km –> 2013 miles, that is exactly how my brain works, haha. Good luck, thank you for this fantastic idea!

  25. What an awesome goal! Going public is a really good way to solidify your commitment. I’m training to run my first half-marathon this year and I made sure to tell allll my friends and family AND set a high charity donation goal. My leg is kicking myself but my arm seems to be patting myself on the back for raising the bar. Good luck this year!

  26. That’s pretty sweet! I myself am looking to double up last’s years mileage of 190. Good luck!

  27. You’ve come a long way Hemingway. Great goal! Nothing mundane about that New Year resolution. Succeed, my man!

  28. P.S. – Here’s a great post on stretching I came across recently. I thought it might come in handy for you… ; )

  29. I love it 2013 in 2013. Good luck Eh…from another Canuck (Canadian)!

  30. Amazing goal there my friend! I’m aiming for 1000 miles this year, don’t think I physically have the time for anymore! Will enjoy keeping up with your antics :)

  31. Best of luck to you!!! Will be interested to see the updates..

  32. What an awesome goal! Looking forward to updates!

  33. What a great idea. Best of luck! Please post your progress :)

  34. Thanks for visiting and liking our blog. As you saw, I’m not the runner … I do however walk and I’m working on a “journey of a 1,000 miles” which began with a single step … I created a computer program which helps me keep track of how many steps I’ve walked and how many more I have to go … I’m finally more than half way there … so I wish you luck with your 2013 in 2013!

  35. Good luck…go YOU!!

  36. What a motivational entry. I am also on sports tracker. Maybe we can be “friends” on there for accountability?! Every little bit helps. I think it’s wonderful that you sport for charity!! It’s a good thing to do for those who can’t. Good luck and be blessed in your endeavor!!

  37. Very challenging! I moved this year two weeks before Christmas 200 miles from where I have lived since 1995 that was as much challenge as I need. Will watch your progress with interest and good luck.

  38. Love it! Good luck!!

  39. Funny! I have the same stupid conversations in my head too! Mine said ‘wouldn’t it e good to be able to run a marathon when ever you wanted’, then it said ‘you’ve never done any running, ever, in your life’, followed by ‘you saying I can’t do it?’, now I can’t believe I didn’t start running sooner!!!!
    Love the post and the 2013 idea! I feel I might have to have a go at 2013 miles in 2013. Good luck :)

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  41. Hi Marc. I love your blog and I will get over to Amazon soon to give you a great rating (I haven’t got a Kindle, though). I’ll be taking you up on your 2013 challenge- doing km., and including other exercise. I’ve linked to your blog so you may have a rush of traffic over here soon (so far I’ve had THREE people look at my post- be prepared). Good luck.
    Jo from Canada

    • Hi! What a lovely comment. Where abouts in Canada are you? I have an uncle by marriage from over there. (You must know him!)
      I bet your running is freezing in Canada! (Going by movies where Canada is covered in snow all year)
      Thanks again! And good luck with 2013!

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  43. Will keep an eye on how you progress with that good luck and thanks for popping by my blog mate :-)

  44. That did occur, but as I’d assumed you were doing miles, I’m prepared to risk an extra 1km (v smart doing km not miles!!!)

  45. That sounds like an awesome challenge! Might see how you get on and try for 2014……

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