2013 Races to Run:

(Click for Official Race Website)

(M) = Medal

(T) = T-Shirt

(Z) = 10 Points. Haha, like in Scrabble and Words with Friends! Get it? No? Nevermind.

OCT  – York Marathon(M)(T)

In York!

Dec 2nd – Pain Barrier (M)(T)
Pain Barrier says it all. Mud, obstacles, mud, and mud.


2013 Races Completed:

(Click for race re-cap)

10/02/13 – Mad Dog 10k Southport – 56:57

07/04/13 – Blackpool Marathon – 04:55:18

14/07/13 – British 10k (M)(T)

2012 Races Completed:

(Click for race re-cap)

02/12/12 – Bradford 10k (8.8k Measured) – 58:16

18/11/12 – Leeds Abbey Dash 10k – 59:58

05/11/12 – York Gunpowder Plod 5k – 33:15

21/10/12 – Brighouse 10k Trail Run – DNS

16/09/12 – Great North Run 13.1 miles – 02:38:27

02/09/12 – Great Yorkshire Run 10k – 01:06:52

19/08/12 – Birchwood 10k – 01:02:04

22/07/12 – Great North 10km Run – 01:08:53

11 thoughts on “Races

  1. Just a heads up that you’ve got the Pain Barrier down on the wrong date in your calendar – its Saturday 2nd November. Thanks.

  2. Yo, I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, so I’ll just stick this here. Just writing to give you a little fist-bump and see how you’re progressing with your marathon training. We’ve got less than 40 days to go before Blackpool/Paris 2013! Hang in there, and remember, if you’re still standing at the finishing line, it means you didn’t run hard enough!

    • Ha! Not long now! How’s your training going? I’m getting there, bit by bit. Work seems to get in the way… Two weeks off coming up, training hard then!

      • I’ve hit a stumbling block on my training, which is maddening. The sun is out, the temperatures are rising, and I am stuck in bed most of the day feeling like death thanks to a virus I caught in Paris (gotta love the metro). The doctor said there is nothing to do about it except to rest up.
        Keep it up with the training! =)

  3. Hi, how did the GNR go today? I hope it went well and you’re now relaxing :-)

  4. Great to read your blog and follow your progress. I always love sharing experiences with new runners. Good luck with your ongoing training and the Great North Run! Can’t wait to read about it.

  5. Might catch you in Edinburgh! Word of warning, I found it a bit hilly at the start, but at the time I was pretty out of shape! :-) Good luck with your first half!

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